MainLine Solar
Commercial Solar Installation

Project Discovery

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your energy costs and to discuss what MainLine Solar can do to help save you money. If you would like to learn how solar can help to reduce or eliminate your electric bill, call us directly or click here to schedule a free private consultation with one of our certified professionals.

Residential Solar Installation

Our Experience

With some of the industry’s most qualified professionals on staff and a noteworthy portfolio of satisfied clients, MainLine Solar handles projects that range from homes to retail and warehouse giants. Working with our team, you can expect your project to be executed with the same quality, efficiency, and integrity that we practice with all of our clients.

Solar Financing

Market Watch

With a constantly changing incentive market for photovoltaic solar throughout the region, tune in to MainLine Solar Market Watch to track the optimal location for your next solar investment. Get started searching and position your solar system’s portfolio for success.

Solar Rebates

Our Sustainable Mission

We are on the front lines of an alternative energy movement that is changing the face of our nation and its economy. Our vision is simple: firms making smart decisions today that position themselves for long term growth and sustainability.